Vacation workouts, oxymoron?!

So we’ve had some wonderful news, we bought a house and the loan is approved! – No Nebraska friends, we aren’t moving back to the Good Life- So that means chaos and craziness for the next few weeks, because we’re throwing in a pre-planned vacation too 😮

That means no weekly fun stories for about two weeks #sadface. 

But let’s have a good thought today. So what happens to you when life happens and you need to take a vacation or time off? Does your body completely crumble if you take a break from working out? Studies show that going from being active to total couch potato can effect your metabolism in as little as five to seven days, and some say you can completely de-condition from any training in only two weeks.  PANIC!!

Sometimes you need to breathe! Its alright to take a day or a few days off of intense workouts, lifting or running. But no matter where you go on vacation or staycation, try to stay active. That means go find new places by taking a short walk. Maybe they have a trampoline house for adults in town, go check it out! Enjoy shopping? Take a few laps around the mall to check out all the stores before going into one. Or just go to the Buckle, you’ll burn calories trying on the 1,000 outfits the clerks bring you!

Best idea – Google my mentor Adriene Mishler and her FREE Yoga with Adriene videos. These are free videos of short and awesome yoga poses that keep your body energized and strong. 

So take a break! Relax! Worse than skipping a workout is spending the rest of the day or week beating yourself up about it. So take your arms, give yourself a hug, now look in the mirror at how silly you look! Or better yet, snap a selfie and send it to me! (You may need someone to take the photo of you I guess, hard to selfie when hugging)

Love and EXTRA sparkles, 


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