The tortoise and the hare…

So I was working out with some folks this week and life had gotten to them, they were tired and stressed from the day. Sound familiar?! So we started an exercise and they were really picking up the speed. “That way we get done faster right, like those 10 minute workouts!” – not exactly

Want a good quick workout? Then think slow and steady! Hang tight, this will make sense soon. 

Often we find ourselves using momentum when doing exercises like bicep curls, leg extensions, squats, you name it. But that momentum is just using a couple muscle groups and the other helper muscles are kicking back and reading a nice book. To wake them up and get a more effective work out, slow your movements down. 

Think of three counts up, pause, and three counts to return to the starting position. 

“But that’s harder Britt!” Well, yes. It can be more difficult at first because you are recruiting those book worm muscles that often relax because of their overcompensating big muscle partners. Lets get these guys to be friends and work together. By slowing down, you not only do the exercise in better form, but you are being more effective with that move. Fewer moves done correctly is better than 20 repetitions done by swinging your limbs!

Wanna procrastinate whatever it is you are supposed to be doing? Check out this great article about myths of short workouts. Remember, if you don’t do ANY activity, 10 minutes of movement will benefit you greatly. But if you are looking to really get into good cardiovascular shape, 10 minutes a day may hurt more than help. 

So take a breath, shoulders down away from your ears, and slow down. You’ll get done in about the same amount of time and have a WAY better result from your exercises. 

Love and sparkles, 



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