Yes, you CAN workout on your couch – winning!

That’s right, I just made one of your favorite pieces of furniture a tool for fitness. WAIT! Don’t leave the page! This is just to show you that when ever you feel the need for a workout and its a rainy, cold, cruddy day, you can use this as an option to keep that body moving before cuddling in with popcorn, your puppies and a good movie!

Do each of these exercises for one minute and repeat as needed for a total body cardio and toning workout! As always, be mindful of any injury or condition you have and modify as necessary.

#1 The Squat

I heart the squat, it’s just full of awesome! So stand in front of your couch or chair and lean back like you are going to sit. Barely tap that booty and keep your knees above your shoelaces!

#2 Plank

Place your forearms on the cushy part of the chair or couch. Added benefit of a cushion is you have to work a bit harder to stay solid and keep a flat back. Keep that belly lifted and core tight!

#3 Lunges!

Elevate that back foot to add extra challenge to your lunge. The front leg is in a 90 degree angle with the knee aligned right over the ankle. Keep your back leg strong by engaging your glutes. Switch legs 30 seconds into the exercise.

#4 Elevated Push-Ups

Great core work as you stabilize on the cushion. Lower down keeping elbows in close to the body and back by your rib cage. Keep that belly lifted!

#5 & #6 Front lift/Side lift

Easy peasy, just lift your right leg to the front and side, avoid tapping the ground! Keep your foot flexed and a slight bend in the knee to protect the joint. Don’t lean too much on that chair or couch. Pat your hand on it throughout the minute to make sure you are challenging your balance! #6, switch to the left leg.

#7 Side Plank

Press up through that forearm and don’t sink into your shoulder. Lift your hips to the ceiling. For extra fun, lift your arm or top leg! Don’t forget the other side!

#8 Back leg lifts

Slight bend in your standing leg. Lift your back leg by squeezing your tush, not your low back. Use the couch or chair to help balance if you need. Think ballet dancer, they have amazing muscles! 30 seconds per leg!

#9 Decline push up

This is a boss of a push up. So only do this if you can keep your core tight and belly lifted. Also, keep those shoulders strong and don’t let gravity pull you down so your shoulder blades stick out. Press away from the floor and to lower, keep elbows tracking toward your rib cage!
Modification! Use the back of the couch or the arm and do incline push ups. You can also use the wall.

#10 Toe taps

Super quick and light on your feet! You can step and tap your toes on the cushion, alternating feet. Add a little hop in there for some extra cardio and calorie burning.

Rinse and repeat as desired! Don’t get down if you can’t do some of these moves, just find the ones that work for you and see how you improve over a couple weeks.

What do you think of this?! Leave your comments below! Or email me!

Potatoes and sparkles,