Make your to-do-list kick a$$

03Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, like the day doesn’t have enough hours for me to get everything done. Does that sound like something you are dealing with? Like you set out Monday with a course but are quickly pulled in a million different directions and feel BUSY all day.

Sometimes it’s just hard to stay focused on whatever task you are doing because your ever-growing to-do-list is hovering like a drone, judging to see if you could be more efficient or work faster!

So what do you do? My motto is aim to do less 🙂 Yes, this will make sense soon.

Set your intention, out loud or on a piece of paper!
What if you started your day setting your intention. It can be as simple as “Today I am open” meaning, you are open to what needs to happen. Not focusing on what HAS to happen. Or maybe its “Today I am focused” so that every time you get distracted by the squirrel running outside your office window, you have a gentle reminder that today is your day to be focused. Doing this also allows the law of attraction to intervene, providing you with what you need to lead you to your dreams, or just help you with your day.
TASK: Give it a try, set your intention for the day and let me know how it goes!

I know, sounds nuts right?! But let’s consider this. What if you had a to do list of no more than 4 items? Yes, you need to go to the grocery store, do laundry, pick up the stuff in the living room, drop off the mail, pick up shampoo, exercise, pick up kiddos, make dinner, pour a shameless glass of wine and collapse and binge on Netflix. How in the WORLD can I get that all in one list!? Fret not friend, this list is about the must do’s. When you focus on what NEEDS to be done, the rest of the tasks fell into place. I tried this yesterday and by the end of the day, not only had I checked off my must do list, I made a big dent in the other stuff.
TASK: Take a small sheet of paper, like folding an 8 1/2 x 11 in half 3 times. Your to-do-list should fit on that. Don’t be a poophead and write super small so you can cram more!

You forgot to pick up the mail, or you had a soda with lunch but are trying to cut back, or you really meant to exercise today but you didn’t. When you find yourself worrying about what you didn’t do, pretend it’s your best pal telling you the same thing. You would easily forgive your friend if they missed a lunch date, or if they forgot to send the email to your group confirming a meeting, so why wouldn’t you forgive yourself?
TASK: What is one thing you can forgive yourself for doing or not doing today?

The thing is, you FEEL like you accomplished so much more when you are able to see that you checked things off your to do list. So make the ones that you check off count. Get you most needed done and watch the rest of your day fall into place.

I’m not promising peace love and joy because you made a list, but I am promising that this challenge will allow you the opportunity to think about what is most important to you each day.

For more amazing stuff on setting intentions and attracting the good, check out The Universe Talks :

Disclaimer: No drones were used in the making of this blog

Love and Sparkles,