A beer, a blog, and respect

So I had this idea to start a fitness website where people could come and find out how they can be fit and exercise in the comforts of their own homes. Ten FAST months later, here we are! And I tell ya, going from sitting at a desk all day to working out with amazing people like you is exactly where I want to be! Ok ok, wearing yoga pants all day ALSO has its advantages. #winning

This is just a short opener to what will become weekly posts on topics that interest you the most. Do high intensity work outs really work? Will weight training make my booty look big? Can I really exercise with my kids and that counts as a workout?! 

If you’ve browsed the website already you’ve noticed that I have a sense of humor – a gift bestowed upon me when I was young (right mom?) – and I use that humor to break the stress that we often place on ourselves to be better, stronger, thinner, and instead, suggest visiting exercise from a place of love. 

CHEESY ALERT! Yea but its true. So many programs out there really get you to push HARD and that being sore for three days is a good thing. That may work for some, but here I focus on treating our bodies with respect. If you respect yourself, you make better decisions for yourself. 

I know, you just paused to look at the title of the blog again and are like, “Hey LADY, you said beer!”  So I sat down with a delightful IPA to write this, my first blog post! 

This isn’t about how to work out and still be able to drink beer and eat double bacon cheeseburgers. If that’s what you want to do, I’m here to help you find what a real fitness plan looks like for you. Do you really want a six-pack abs? Then those cheeseburgers will have to have make fewer appearances in your weekly schedule. And so will that IPA. This isn’t about restricting, just adjusting to what your real fitness plan looks like. I know I love beer – LOVE beer- so I found what works for me and that’s meals that balance protein, carbs and healthy fats. I won’t be washing any close on my abs anytime soon, but that is the balance I choose for the life I want to live. 

So respect your bod everyone. Love it, cherish it, it gets you up in the morning, it takes you to your favorite spots in town, it listens to your favorite song or holds your favorite person. Be kind to yourself. 

With love and sparkles,