Spot treating – your body is not acne

My arms are jiggly,” “I just need o loose the belly,” “I don’t like my love handles so I need to do side-crunches!”

Honing in on the areas of your body that bug you to most won’t hurt, but it may not be the most efficient way to lose fat or shape and tone that area.

“Then why Britt do all those commercials and pictures in magazines have exercises geared toward my most hated part of my body?”  Because dear friend, they want you to buy the magazine or product that they are selling. Simple as that.

Ab exercises – this is our go-to when we want to get thinner and we think a six-pack will develop if I just head-butt my crotch 100 times a day for 21 days!

Well, you may get stronger abdominal muscle you need to burn more calories during the day than you are consuming, to lose the fat around your abdomen.

OK Britt, quit being a downer! What can we do?!

  • Take a step back and look at the whole pie- you are more than just a slice, you are the WHOLE package. You have love, skills, talents and strength in your whole body, so what if your dimples just happen to be in your thighs right now?
  • Pick your exercises wisely If your underarm area is your biggest fret because it keeps waving at people long after you’ve stopped, add arm exercises to a regular cardio program. These won’t do the trick all on their own, but can make you feel like you are getting to the parts that shake your confidence right now.  Try push-ups, squats, tricep extensions, tricep push ups and tricep pull downs.
  • Pick your food wisely  The Nutrition Diva is currently my favorite resource for nutrition tips! Here is an article about foods that can partner with your cardio to reduce belly fat!
  • Please never use the phrase muscle confusion, please. You cannot confuse your muscles, they are designed to react to varying tension. So just – don’t! *End rant*
  • Love yourself! You are AWESOME!

Love and Sparkles,


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