Perfection does not bring sparkles – a look at your decision to exercise

I’ve been challenged lately to slow down and take a closer look at my intentions for professional and personal situations. If you know me personally, you KNOW this gal doesn’t do slow down very well – at all.

If you are into those book things, I am gonna give a shout out to Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly. This book is about how vulnerability is actually a form of courage and that striving for perfection is the antithesis of growth and achievement. Perfection is the defensive shield that we put up; an armor to hide us from what we really need to deal with in our lives.

Geeze Britt, getting deep here! Well, I write with a purpose friends 😉 Plus I feel that you can all relate to this in your lives. We want to be good friends so we say yes to lunches with a friend even though we are exhausted, we say yes to taking on more projects at work because if we say no, we may miss that next promotion. We then mask our insecurities and vulnerabilities and in the end, we are anxious, stressed, exhausted little humans. Then we come home and take the edge off with alcohol, or chocolate, or both! Or we indulge in our favorite meal or dessert because by golly we deserve it.

Brown sites another author, Jennifer Louden and her book The Life Organizer where she states that we have “Shadow comforts” that help us hid behind our shields. I enjoy a good piece of chocolate as a treat or to savor, but sometimes we gulp the whole king-size bar in an effort to soothe our anxiety. I LOVE watching Super Natural. It’s the dumbest damn show and has no point and jumped the shark like 12 times. But it’s my show and I heart it! Other times we find ourselves flipping through the 300 +channels trying to find something when we should be dealing with an issue.

Enter the fitness perspective. Way to bring it back Britt! We exercise and beat ourselves into submission with a HIIT workout or for five miles on a treadmill or stair-stepper. But are we doing that because we want to increase our strength and lose weight? Or are we shaming ourselves for MAYBE eating two full maple bars at work today?! Or we dislike our bodies so much that we lose ourselves in a single exercise session and wonder why we don’t feel better afterwards.

Louden makes a great point “It’s not what you do; it’s why you do it that makes the difference.” So why are we working out, are we shaming ourselves because we think we need to be thinner, stronger, sexier, leaner?! Or are we more focused on our hearts, the function of our bodies, and trying to prevent ourselves from illness.

Take some time this week and ask yourself why you are doing certain things. This isn’t a blame game here, more about mindfulness. Mindfulness when you eat, when you spend time with a loved one, when you choose what to eat, and how you exercise. Be mindful and forgiving because you are your worst critic!

I could write a novel but I really encourage those of you who are struggling with this exact thing to talk to family, friends and professionals. Life isn’t about shaming yourself into submission. It’s about living the best way you know how, staying present and mindful of every decision you are making.

Since that was an emotional journey, here is a funny kitten video to bring you back to happy!

Much love and extra sparkles,

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