Job Hopping – A Way to Burn Calories!

I found a posting for a job that in the minimum qualifications that  said “no job hoppers.”

This is absurd. Way to minimize your candidate pool to a stagnant status quo.


We need to change the idea about job hoppers. Jobs are like dating. Both parties enter the relationship with good intentions and attraction to the other. Then after a while the challenges start to happen and sometimes it just isn’t a good fit. You know the kind, the ones you try to get them to break up with you so you don’t have to be the one that hurts them because you like them just not in that way. Well, same for a job. You like the people but don’t like working with them, or maybe your job duties just aren’t fulfilling you. Maybe you can’t quite place it but you just aren’t happy. And like relationships we wait for “the sign.” You know it’s OKfrogs-1109790_1920 to break up with your partner if they cheat on you, but why do we have to wait for the extremes? Sometimes you just know and it’s no one’s fault.

(clarification note: Do not confuse this with dating at work, that is another article!)


So hop my friends. Because those jobs don’t serve you, you aren’t bringing your full self to that organization.


Hopping is dating. And it can take a long time to find that long-term job. If that is what you want. For others, hopping from jobs gets us more experience, a wider range of skill, a larger understanding for how business and people operate.


For companies discouraging hoppers, I get it. You don’t want someone to start the job and leave. Of course! But that isn’t up to you entirely. Which is why the whole interview process is draconian but that is another article. (I can see that I’m going to be writing a bunch of articles)


I’m not saying you should ignore the hopping. Just have a tid-bit of patience and find out why the hopping. If the candidate can articulate that each hop was a journey to finding an organization (like yours) with a mission-driven team of professionals, then hallelujah! You have a great candidate!


ALSO – if they hop away from you to some other great opportunity, congratulations. You let someone grow and find what is right for them. And that attracts more awesome people to your organization.


So hip-hop hippy to the hip hip hop, and don’t stop if it isn’t right for your boogie beat.

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