I like planning and breaking plans!

I’ve always had a planner of some sort. Weekly calendars, outlook tasks, and of course, the syllabus provided by college professors. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I started to take a serious look at planners and their functions. I would buy the pretty sparkly ones and there it would sit. Sparkling.

Saying “hey weirdo, remember impulse buying me at Archibald Sisters in downtown Olympia? You gonna use me or what?!”

What, your planners don’t talk to you? Hmm…

I mean I would make it a week or two, setting goals, then never create that habit of looking at the damn thing. Fast forward to today, I am addicted to my planners. Like, use hashtag #planneraddict addicted. Planning is my thing. I love the idea of dreaming up scenarios, adventures, tasks, projects, and thinking of all the ways they can be done. Then judging the shit out of myself to find the best one! I’ve since modified this practice. But I would plan and plan in my head and forget all the things I concocted.

Then I found @BossedUp. Emilie Aries is an incredible strong woman that I related to and drew so much from as I listened to her story and guidance. If you haven’t clicked on that link yet, DO IT. You deserve to be lifted to the awesome boss of a human you are! Emilie provided me with a yearly planner in 2017 that I used to catapult my way out of a trench of trolls to standing with confidence and a clear path in sight. And you can lay plans for so many things! Projects, work, side hustle jobs, vacations…

Planning for me was a journey to finding what works. And realizing that what works can change as the year or even the day goes. I’m not saying I plan each day to the hour and track my BM’s, although if that is something you do, good on you my friend! I just realized my initials are BM, that’s awesome. OK I’m back, I realized I would only focus on my annual goals and wasn’t breaking those down into smaller steps. And let me tell you, it’s the small steps that got me out of that trench and feeling like I’m on a mountain. Don’t roll your eyes, by now you KNOW I’m cheesy! Deal with it!

So Emilie and her bossin ways helped me break down my goals to steps I could take each day. Further categorizing my goals so I can stay focused in different areas of my life. This year I added two more planners, a daily one that allows me to reflect each day on my awesomeness, and where I can grow. And another for planning trips and vacations with my family! Think right now as you read this, what did you do today that was a step in the right direction for you? Did you smile at your reflection? Were you kind to someone? Did you make a phone call or set a date that you’ve been meaning to? We already excel at pointing out when we mess up. What if we also pointed out when we rocked socks? If you think planning is for you, I may or may not post a bunch of my planning habits on Instagram so follow me there! I show the great features of the Bossed Up tracker, my Panda planner, and my color coded pens! Stop laughing.

Planner Addict
Planner Addict

I support you my friend on your journey to remember you are a great human and deserve to think highlyand fondly of yourself. You are worth it. Boss on Britt