Corporate Wellness


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Healthy employees are more productive, take fewer sick days, and have a more effective impact on the organization. My corporate wellness services can supplement your existing wellness program or we can build one together based on your employees needs.

Personal training at the office

Often we think exercise is just simple jumping jacks and walking, maybe lifting some weights.But with a personal trainer you can find out how to be efficient and purposeful in your exercise programs so you can reach your goals quickly.

Britt focuses on corrective and functional exercises to make sure we move correctly and safely before adding weight or complexity to exercise.

Personal Training –  55-minutes
$75 (single) / $120 (couple)  

Personal Training – 25-minutes
$45 (single) / $72 (couple)

*10% discount
upon purchase of 10 or more sessions.

 Corporate wellness programs

Britt comes to your place of business and will engage your employees in a day or two-day wellness program. 

  • Learn simple moves to do at your desk to increase energy throughout the day.
  • Participate in a group fitness class of your choice.
  • Have Britt conduct one-on-one sessions with each employee and provide recommendations for healthy lifestyles.Pricing varies based on your location and the options you choose for your business.
    For more info contact Britt today!


Group fitness classes

Britt McVicar Fitness will come to your place of work and offer group fitness classes!
* Yoga (gentle, vinyasa, restorative, hatha)
* Core strength,
* Body weight cardio,
* High Intensity Interval Training
* Undesk (modified moments to ease your body from working at a desk), and more!

Group Fitness Rate
$125 per class
*Discounts for non-profit and local/state governments.

Lunch & Learns

Have Britt in for a lunch time session to talk about mindfulness, body movement, and how to feel great throughout the work day!

Lunch & Learn Rate
$125 per hour



*Prices do not include applicable sales taxes. Other rates apply for locations outside of Thurston County.