Britt is BACK!

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Britt McFitness

Britt is Back!

I am grateful for the time I had to reflect on the next steps for Britt McVicar Fitness. I met some amazing people and am now ready to get back to what I love, teaching yoga-based techniques to people that help with flexibility, mobility, and stress reduction! 

“I want to be more flexible!”

Join me at Flying Heron Yoga on the second and fourth Saturday’s of each month for a Strength and Balance class that has plenty of modifications for all levels. Challenge yourself and build strength and balance that with ease as we explore ways to increase flexibility. Studio owner Heidi will teach the other Saturday’s so you are covered all month!

 “I want someone to help me plan how to incorporate stretching into my daily routine! But make it FUN!”

  • Looking for guidance on improving your strength and flexibility? Check out thePrivate Lessons for more information!

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