Tis the season for fitness ads

They find you. On social media, billboards, and commercials. Fitness ads are EVERYWHERE!

Even though these ads are meant to encourage people to buy gym memberships or insanely priced stationary bikes for your home, this can do the opposite to many people.

Lately I’ve had gentle and not-so-gentle lessons about the win, work, and do it all mentality. I want to do great at work, still run my side hustle as a yoga instructor, cuddle with my dog, exercise, read my many self-help books, be a good friend and partner, cuddle more with my dog, meal prep for the week, take care of my family, go to my doctor appointments, and cuddle the shit out of my dog.

So when those fitness ads pop up on my screen, I’m filled with guilt because I haven’t had time to exercise like I want to. Plus I’m still dealing with injury that is preventing me from doing the things I love like running. And this all piles up to a heavy weight on my shoulders.

You are exhausted. You need ZERO reminders that you don’t have time to do it all.

So when those ads pop up, I challenge you to say “thank you.” Yea, I’m weird but stick with me here.
Say thank you. Even thinking about it brings a bit of calm eh? When you just show a tidbit of gratitude, you automatically diffuse the negative thoughts that are boiling right under the surface.

Next, forgive yourself. You are human and absolutely cannot do it all! Trust me, I’ve been trying for like two decades. I give you permission to not be “on” all the time. I trust that you are doing your best and your best is ENOUGH.

And if you are like me and suuuuper stubborn, phone a friend. Have them tell you these things.
Pick a friend that you believe.

And if you’d like, I have a ton of self-help books that are incredible 😉

I don’t need to tell you that this can be a tough time of year. I do want to tell you that I think you are special. That I’m glad this world has you in it. That I know you are loved and appreciated. And if you made it this far, I know you are curious to see if I’m going to mention how much I love my freakin dog again! Or you’re my mom…

Take a deep breath with me. Say a WAHOO! Let those commercials and ads roll on like the overpriced pedals on that bike.

Take good care of you my friend.

Hugs and High Fives,

Izzy 122819

I like planning and breaking plans!

I’ve always had a planner of some sort. Weekly calendars, outlook tasks, and of course, the syllabus provided by college professors. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I started to take a serious look at planners and their functions. I would buy the pretty sparkly ones and there it would sit. Sparkling.

Saying “hey weirdo, remember impulse buying me at Archibald Sisters in downtown Olympia? You gonna use me or what?!”

What, your planners don’t talk to you? Hmm…

I mean I would make it a week or two, setting goals, then never create that habit of looking at the damn thing. Fast forward to today, I am addicted to my planners. Like, use hashtag #planneraddict addicted. Planning is my thing. I love the idea of dreaming up scenarios, adventures, tasks, projects, and thinking of all the ways they can be done. Then judging the shit out of myself to find the best one! I’ve since modified this practice. But I would plan and plan in my head and forget all the things I concocted.

Then I found @BossedUp. Emilie Aries is an incredible strong woman that I related to and drew so much from as I listened to her story and guidance. If you haven’t clicked on that link yet, DO IT. You deserve to be lifted to the awesome boss of a human you are! Emilie provided me with a yearly planner in 2017 that I used to catapult my way out of a trench of trolls to standing with confidence and a clear path in sight. And you can lay plans for so many things! Projects, work, side hustle jobs, vacations…

Planning for me was a journey to finding what works. And realizing that what works can change as the year or even the day goes. I’m not saying I plan each day to the hour and track my BM’s, although if that is something you do, good on you my friend! I just realized my initials are BM, that’s awesome. OK I’m back, I realized I would only focus on my annual goals and wasn’t breaking those down into smaller steps. And let me tell you, it’s the small steps that got me out of that trench and feeling like I’m on a mountain. Don’t roll your eyes, by now you KNOW I’m cheesy! Deal with it!

So Emilie and her bossin ways helped me break down my goals to steps I could take each day. Further categorizing my goals so I can stay focused in different areas of my life. This year I added two more planners, a daily one that allows me to reflect each day on my awesomeness, and where I can grow. And another for planning trips and vacations with my family! Think right now as you read this, what did you do today that was a step in the right direction for you? Did you smile at your reflection? Were you kind to someone? Did you make a phone call or set a date that you’ve been meaning to? We already excel at pointing out when we mess up. What if we also pointed out when we rocked socks? If you think planning is for you, I may or may not post a bunch of my planning habits on Instagram so follow me there! I show the great features of the Bossed Up tracker, my Panda planner, and my color coded pens! Stop laughing.

Planner Addict
Planner Addict

I support you my friend on your journey to remember you are a great human and deserve to think highlyand fondly of yourself. You are worth it. Boss on Britt


Job Hopping – A Way to Burn Calories!

I found a posting for a job that in the minimum qualifications that  said “no job hoppers.”

This is absurd. Way to minimize your candidate pool to a stagnant status quo.


We need to change the idea about job hoppers. Jobs are like dating. Both parties enter the relationship with good intentions and attraction to the other. Then after a while the challenges start to happen and sometimes it just isn’t a good fit. You know the kind, the ones you try to get them to break up with you so you don’t have to be the one that hurts them because you like them just not in that way. Well, same for a job. You like the people but don’t like working with them, or maybe your job duties just aren’t fulfilling you. Maybe you can’t quite place it but you just aren’t happy. And like relationships we wait for “the sign.” You know it’s OKfrogs-1109790_1920 to break up with your partner if they cheat on you, but why do we have to wait for the extremes? Sometimes you just know and it’s no one’s fault.

(clarification note: Do not confuse this with dating at work, that is another article!)


So hop my friends. Because those jobs don’t serve you, you aren’t bringing your full self to that organization.


Hopping is dating. And it can take a long time to find that long-term job. If that is what you want. For others, hopping from jobs gets us more experience, a wider range of skill, a larger understanding for how business and people operate.


For companies discouraging hoppers, I get it. You don’t want someone to start the job and leave. Of course! But that isn’t up to you entirely. Which is why the whole interview process is draconian but that is another article. (I can see that I’m going to be writing a bunch of articles)


I’m not saying you should ignore the hopping. Just have a tid-bit of patience and find out why the hopping. If the candidate can articulate that each hop was a journey to finding an organization (like yours) with a mission-driven team of professionals, then hallelujah! You have a great candidate!


ALSO – if they hop away from you to some other great opportunity, congratulations. You let someone grow and find what is right for them. And that attracts more awesome people to your organization.


So hip-hop hippy to the hip hip hop, and don’t stop if it isn’t right for your boogie beat.

Mind body business – fitness for all

After the race – reflection of a triathlon

Tri 1It was a cool spring night, that resulted in what I call a cabernet consequence. “I will feel awesome after this one! I’m signing up!” I said enthusiastically as I took a sip of wine and clicked submit on the Whidbey Island Triathlon registration. 

I had regrets, fear, and doubt. I also had excitement, challenges, and an opportunity to learn more about myself. And more wine. 

For three months I researched training techniques. I joined a hoity-toity gym so I could practice swimming. I love swimming! This surely would be the easiest part of the race! HA My first swim my body remembered the technique, but my lunges begged for the precious air that I withheld. As I’m panting and considering doggie-paddle for at least part of the 1/2 mile swim, this tall, muscular dude-bro hops in the pool and proceeds to do 100 meters of the butterfly. The butterfly is the stroke you take both arms and hurl them simultaneously into the water and propel your body while acting like a mermaid. He made it look graceful and he even lapped me when I suddenly had energy to do the front crawl at my best capacity. Damn he’s good. I told myself that this race was about me, not about competing with anyone else, just me. 

Then came cycling. I went to a couple spin classes with my friend, watching her furiously pedal and wondering how her legs could move that damn fast! I invested in the shoes with cleats and found that using your hamstrings adds a significant amount of power to your game! It was road test time. I feared falling thinking I wasn’t going to be able to click out my foot from the pedal in time, adding some road rash to my costume for the race! Breathe Britt. The first mile I only had one toe clipped into the pedal and would constantly click in, click out. 

Running. I got this right? As you find yourself training for a triathlon, you will be encouraged to do “brick” training. This is where you combine bicycling and running in the same workout. I took Lou’s spin class – 30 minutes of high intensity training – then went to the treadmill. It was familiar territory for me so I put on my headphones and clicked the speed to 5.5 to get started. But my legs were wobbly and my body was in fierce denial that it had the ability to move. I made it less than half a mile. 

Aside from my introduction to combining the sports, I eventually found a breathing rhythm in the pool. Cycling became more natural, except for the seat. There is absolutely NOTHING natural about your bum sitting on a seat for an hour, nothing! And the brick training’s were showing me that there was a chance I could avoid being carried across the finish line. 

While my training was going on, I was met with some of the biggest life challenges I’ve ever faced. Thanks universe. The emotional toll that some of these took kept me from training, or even physically moving some days. Perhaps it was the rest my body needed. Or maybe it was rest for my heart. Either way, suddenly there I was, the night before the race. 

I lay in bed at a friends house. There was some moon thing that night. My friend is always telling me how of course I was dealing with x-y-z because some planet is in retrograde. Its odd how there are uncanny parallels with what she says and what’s happening in my life. So that night there was some moon-ness. I lay in bed and like someone lifting a heavy stone from my chest, this weight gently disappated. It wasn’t dramatic, just a breath that was easier to take for the first time in a few weeks. Then I slept. 
Tri 2

6:30 a.m. we are on the ferry to Whidbey Island! I check in and walk to get my number marked on my body. “What’s your number my friend?” the kind lady with a giant marker inquires. I respond”269.” Then came the curve ball “Great, what is your age?” I pause, not having had any coffee yet that morning and running equations in my head, carry the one, “uh, I’m, uh 37!” The empathetic small crowd laughs with me. I mean, after 30 does anyone know how old they are without doing a bit of math?

Lake time. Over 300 people peel off their sweatshirts and socks, donning wet suits, regular swimsuits, and one brave dude – a speedo. Two ladies in their 60s offer me last minute advice, most importantly that I would have the best time and love the event. The lake is warm, or the first flight all relieved themselves before swimming – eww. The swim is tougher than I thought. I hadn’t practiced swimming with 80 other people beside me and was not prepared for the splashing or getting kicked in the face. Oddly, the swim is still relaxing. I hop on my bike, well hydrated from drinking half the lake, and off for 20 miles, up hill, both ways! Ok, it was still very hilly and I got passed by five 60-year-olds. I’m obsessed with them and I want to be one of them when I grow up. 

The ride is calm, chanting my mantra of breath, body, ride. The ride ends with one last hill, because they’re mean. I swear I cannot pedal one more time, my legs are D-O-N-E. Perfect time to run 4 miles right? Up hill of course. I walk, jog, rinse and repeat. I find myself passing some, and being passed by others. Each time though, someone always says “great job!” and “keep going!” I love runners, they’re so damn happy! 

There it is. That glorious finish line with the promise of a giant tray of bagels, mmm. Tears warm my face as I cross the finish line.  Joy settles in my heart. I proved nothing to anyone but myself this day. And for the first time in a long time, I didn’t need someone to tell me good job. 

So if a multi-sport event is in your future, just know you will do great. Give yourself time to train, give yourself space to breathe, and rest knowing you are already exactly where you need to be. 

Be well and be awesome dear friends, and I will see you after the race. 

Britt McVicar
Tri 3

Britt is BACK!

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Britt McFitness

Britt is Back!

I am grateful for the time I had to reflect on the next steps for Britt McVicar Fitness. I met some amazing people and am now ready to get back to what I love, teaching yoga-based techniques to people that help with flexibility, mobility, and stress reduction! 

“I want to be more flexible!”

Join me at Flying Heron Yoga on the second and fourth Saturday’s of each month for a Strength and Balance class that has plenty of modifications for all levels. Challenge yourself and build strength and balance that with ease as we explore ways to increase flexibility. Studio owner Heidi will teach the other Saturday’s so you are covered all month!

 “I want someone to help me plan how to incorporate stretching into my daily routine! But make it FUN!”

  • Looking for guidance on improving your strength and flexibility? Check out thePrivate Lessons for more information!

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“Will someone other than my mom read this far?!” *no extra points are given for reading that far into the email, but it doesn’t hurt to let me know you made it! Find me on Facebook and Twitter!

Another look at the fad-diet trend of the new year

Whatever you choose to do for your health this year, do so because you love your body, not because you hate it.

We are our worst critic. We are the ones immediately pointing out when we could have done something better or eaten something healthier. That is an exhausting dialog to continue!

I believe we improve our health best when we respect our bodies. No matter what size you are. Truly.

Please take time and watch this TED Talk featuring Kelli Jean Drinkwater – Enough with the fear of fat.

In this video, she talks about how the cultural fear of fat has made us stressed, anxious, and abusive to ourselves and others. It is also a primary marketing tool some fitness industries exploit so you buy their latest product, supplement, or program. You aren’t alone, and you don’t need to be a certain size to be healthy, loved, and supported.

instaquote love yoru body

Make 2017 bad-assier.
I’ve taken highlights from the 10,000 self-help books I’ve read, Star Wars, and my mom and come up with a plan for 2017.

1) Catch yourself (before you wreck yourself) When you say something negative about yourself, or about another person, STOP IT! Don’t contribute to the negativity.
2) Authenticity – Just be yourself. Sometimes I get the question “what do you eat? I’ll just eat that and then look like you!” Sorry friends, that’s not how that works. Instead of trying to look like somebody else, be your true self. I know, that sounds woo-woo. But if we ground ourselves in our truth, we will shine so much brighter.
3) Redirect. Change whatever you said or thought into something positive. So if you are staring at your tummy, shaming your weight, try saying “I love my body, I respect my body.” You wouldn’t talk to your best friend the way you talk to yourself would you?
4) Impeccable words. We know that words can lift us and words can crush us. Choose wisely. Not only in what you say to others, but what you say to yourself.
5) Make mistakes! We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to eat the right foods, do the best exercises, have the right job. But I believe there are multiple paths to your happiness and they starts with prototypes! Use your journey to weed out what doesn’t work. Every time you start a program or idea and it doesn’t work, celebrate! Learn from what works and what doesn’t!
6) Enjoy! Life is precious. Smile more, dance more, and give yourself a break! Tell that critic voice thank you but you aren’t interested today. Be kind and find programs, gyms, and other people that will help you be the best human you can be!

Be well and be awesome, to yourself and to others.

Feeling the burn!

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True or False: You should push yourself in exercises until you really feel the burn in your muscles.

False. This isn’t another article saying that heavy lifting  and that one exercise trend that is sweeping the nation with intense exercises are all bad for you. NO! Those are necessary and great ways to really transform your body.

BUT you can really screw your bod over if you ignore alignment and core strength. Set your foundation before launching into your exercise programs.

Lesson 1:
Chances are your core is on a sabbatical. Even if you can plank like a rock star, there is a possibility that your core doesn’t fire correctly when you walk or do other exercises. Your core is meant to stabilize and protect your body.

This is why isometric exercises are so great, you are replicating the duty of the core. This is also why I am not a fan of sit-ups, those work your hip-flexors and crunch your neck. Unless you are in a competition where you are head-butting your knees, I’d bypass sit-ups and do dead-bug!

Lesson 2:
Your body is a cheater. It actively looks for ways to conserve energy (calories). Even if you find an exercise routine that melts away 10 lbs, in about 4-6 weeks, your body will burn fewer calories because it got smart, and that sucks.

Solution? Do mini-modifications to your exercise routine, switch out every 4-6 weeks with a different routine or yoga!

Lesson 3:
Slow and steady win the race. If you like super intense workouts to see how many squats or burpees you can crank out in 45 seconds, awesome! If you just asked what a burpee is, you may benefit more from slowing down and focusing on all the muscles that are involved in a certain exercise.

Next time you sit down in your chair at your desk or for your evening meal, take the count of eight to do so. Your friends and family may look at you and wonder if you have hemorrhoids, but just tune in to your body and see if it is a bit more challenging to slow down. Do you feel your core engage at all? Or are you sending all the work to your hips and shoulders?

Important side note: if you are in the mid-west, this meal is supper, if someone invites you for dinner you best show up at noon!


You don’t need luck to lose weight!

The best way to lose weight is to start at the end. No, not your rear end!

We’ve talked about visualization before and taking yourself into the future, thinking of what success looks like, and creating that reality. If you don’t believe you can do it, you may always have that meany-pants voice in your head.

Rewind – What is your goal? To lose weight? To fit into a certain pair of pants? To look a certain way for an upcoming event? Examine what it is you truly want and make sure it is something you can measure. What does success look like?

Fast-forward- If your goal is to lose weight, picture that thinner version of you. What is a typical day for that you? You probably start your day off with a delicious breakfast, avoid sugars and starchy carbs. You probably get daily exercise. And the big kicker? You have a lot less stress 🙂

  • Visualize
  • Believe
  • Start at the End
  • Practice

Believing is crucial. If you find it hard to picture you at your goal, then jot down what you think could be holding you back. What are your barriers? This can be tricky and counselors and coaches can help tremendously.

Practice is necessary. You get better at believing if you make this a habit. Schedule time to really practice the feeling and visuals of you achieving your goal!

I’m not making this shit up! Here are some great resources for you to check out this week!

Love and sparkles,

Read This BEFORE you eat that Thin Mint!

Girl Scouts ROCK! An organization that teaches young girls to explore the power they have in creating, designing, repairing, engineering and, as we are most associated with, selling! That’s right friends, the cookies are here so how do we avoid storing them in our rear?!

Much to my surprise, the serving size of thin mints is NOT an entire sleeve. Tragic as that may be, there is a good lesson here. Girl Scout Cookies, like all treats, are fine in moderation. It can be difficult to keep track of everything you eat and drink. Thankfully, there are great apps, online tools, and easy life hacks to keep you on track.

How many calories?

Check out Lifesum. This handy app will set up your daily requirements of not only calories, but macronutrients like carbohydrates, protein and fat! I enjoy this app because the daily recommendations are based on your goals like “I want to maintain weight” or “I want to lose weight.” Remember, this is a guideline, not a hard number so if you are over or under, that doesn’t mean you failed eating that day.

Make a fist

So you are out to eat and you don’t want to bring your measuring cups to dinner, probably a good idea. Here is some science that says you can make a fist to determine what your plate should look like. Keep in mind, this for someone who is eating 3 meals per day and probably very light snacks.

Another great trick to control intake while eating out – ask for a to-go box when your meal is served. Separate a fist-sized portion and put the rest in you to-go box. 

Review the stress

Does the word “diet” make your anxiety sky rocket? Do you start to panic when you really want a bite of a sweet treat or everyone else ordered french fries and you ordered a slice of iceberg?

Breathe – The anxiety rooted in these decisions lies far beneath two all-beef patties, nasty-ass mayo sauce concoction, lettuce, cheese pickles onions and sesame seed bun. If this is the case, you may want to talk to a pro that can help you get out of your head and look objectively and what’s going on.

Love and Sparkles,


Spot treating – your body is not acne

My arms are jiggly,” “I just need o loose the belly,” “I don’t like my love handles so I need to do side-crunches!”

Honing in on the areas of your body that bug you to most won’t hurt, but it may not be the most efficient way to lose fat or shape and tone that area.

“Then why Britt do all those commercials and pictures in magazines have exercises geared toward my most hated part of my body?”  Because dear friend, they want you to buy the magazine or product that they are selling. Simple as that.

Ab exercises – this is our go-to when we want to get thinner and we think a six-pack will develop if I just head-butt my crotch 100 times a day for 21 days!

Well, you may get stronger abdominal muscle you need to burn more calories during the day than you are consuming, to lose the fat around your abdomen.

OK Britt, quit being a downer! What can we do?!

  • Take a step back and look at the whole pie- you are more than just a slice, you are the WHOLE package. You have love, skills, talents and strength in your whole body, so what if your dimples just happen to be in your thighs right now?
  • Pick your exercises wisely If your underarm area is your biggest fret because it keeps waving at people long after you’ve stopped, add arm exercises to a regular cardio program. These won’t do the trick all on their own, but can make you feel like you are getting to the parts that shake your confidence right now.  Try push-ups, squats, tricep extensions, tricep push ups and tricep pull downs.
  • Pick your food wisely  The Nutrition Diva is currently my favorite resource for nutrition tips! Here is an article about foods that can partner with your cardio to reduce belly fat!
  • Please never use the phrase muscle confusion, please. You cannot confuse your muscles, they are designed to react to varying tension. So just – don’t! *End rant*
  • Love yourself! You are AWESOME!

Love and Sparkles,