And we’re back! Back to the basics

Hello lovelies! We are all moved in to our new home, well, all of the boxes are here 😉 Dogs don’t know what to do with three times the size of a back yard and I’m getting used to not hearing my neighbors conversations from my living room! WEEEEE!

Thank you for your patience, I know you’ve been itching for the latest installment of awesome so here we go. Let’s get back to the basics.

I’ve been reading, you know, in all that spare time I have, about the fundamentals of exercise and why basic body weight exercise is SO incredibly important.

Say you want to start an exercise program and get stronger, leaner, or build muscle. All of these you need to be able to move your body correctly before you EVER add a weight. Too often we head to the gym and see someone squatting with 25lbs on each side of the bar and we judge our ability to do the same based on the size, age, and build of the person we are watching. That’s a no no friends.

Even the most advanced weight lifters start with practice rounds before they add weight. You should too! Want to learn to squat like that? Start sitting. No wait I’m being serious! The best way to learn to squat is to slowly sit down in your chair with no hands but before you hit the seat, squeeze that tush like you’re holding in a toot and stand back up! TADAH, the proper squat. Knees should never go in front of your shoelaces and always start with the booty back, then bend at the knee. You will set yourself up for more success if you get the basic move down first, then progress.

Speaking of progress, that doesn’t always mean adding weight. You can progress from the squat to a single-leg squat, commonly called the pistol squat. Yea, its intense, but it is a true show of strength if you can pull off a one-legged squat! Check out one of my favorite groups, the Buff Dudes explain the pistol squat!

Curious about this stuff? Email me and check back in January for our foundation videos that will show you the basics of exercises.

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