Are you a Hell Yes?! Advice on making adult decisions

Holidays are here! Extra cookies at offices, parties, cold weather and the “what the hell, I can spend my money on that” attitude. When you ask someone how they are doing, their reply is “Oh I’m just so busy!” This time of year can be overwhelming for many. Days have less sunshine, we are reminded of family that has left this world, and if your co-worker brings one more batch of sugar cookies you will flip!

Do me a favor, take your shoulders down away from your ears, both feet on the ground, lift your rib cage up and forward. You matter and you are worth it!

Now that you feel like a superhero, allow me to share some advice I heard this week. Listening to Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week which you should all read, he interviewed an entrepreneur/musician and had some excellent take-aways. Tim interviewed Derek Sivers, creator of CD Baby which is an online distributor of independent music and has spoken at TED Conference.  Here is what I found awesome and worth sharing with you!

1)      Hell Yes! Or No –  Derek had a really interesting take on the decisions we make. Whether it’s an invitation to go to lunch, or an offer to work on a new project or company. Derek says we have two choices, hell yes or no. Meaning, if you aren’t TOTALLY in and jump up and down with a fist pump for good measure, then your answer is likely no. He says this tactic will help us rid ourselves from the piddly stuff that isn’t that important but we do anyway because we feel we HAVE to. Or maybe we want to but the truth is we don’t have time and other parts of our lives suffer because we spread ourselves too thin (sound familiar?) Derek said that when he put this into practice, he suddenly had more time for when something amazing came up and could say hell yes! Before, when those opportunities come, we are so busy that our hell yes’s can lose their luster. So put this to the test on a few choices and see how it works for you. Are you a HELL YES? Or a no?

2)      Summarize the good books that you read – That’s right, get your paper and pen kids, there is a quiz! KIDDING! Derek offered some great thoughts about how when you read a good book and are like “YES! That spoke to me and I love every sentence in here!” Then six months later you can’t remember what was in the damn book that was so awesome! You aren’t getting old, just some of us don’t have that type of memory system in place. Derek’s solution: Write a brief summary for the book or grab the highlights and notes from your Kindle and put them in a word doc. When you actively review that which stood out, it helps you retain those nuggets. Review these notes when you can to maintain your list of awesome from the things you read.

There was SO much more than those two things so you should definitely tune in to Tim’s podcasts for more.

Let me know what you think and if you put any of these nuggets to the test!

Happy Christmas and may your New Year be filled with blessings that make you whole – and sparkles


Why you win with meditation – everyone likes winning!

You have no doubt heard or read something on the benefits of meditation right? About how you can clear your mind by breathing so that maybe, just maaaybe, you won’t yell profanities at the dude that cuts you off or flip off your boss behind their back – may or may not be speaking from experience here.

What do you picture when you think of meditation? An Indian guru sitting crisscross-applesauce with a comfy pillow under his tush, golden sun shining through the gazebo and birds peacefully flying by? Or someone with no children, no pets, and a stress-less job that drinks organic tea and eats kale? Maybe it’s just someone like you who decided to give it a try one day.

We aren’t surprised when we read that some of the most successful and happy people of the world meditate – so why the HELL haven’t we done it yet?! Confession time: I did a guided meditation for the first time last week. I didn’t see birds or start farting sunshine, but it did make me learn something about the power of my mind.

Set the scene – I had just an online training and was sitting on the floor of my living room playing fetch with my hyperactive terrier and googled guided meditations. I had just heard Tim Ferriss’s podcast on the five things he does each day to “win the day.” Meditation was one of them. So I tried it because Tim Ferriss is amazing and you should all just do what he says 🙂 The first four minutes were FULL of my brain bouncing from every thought and going on tangents, while trying to ignore my dog nudging my hand and whimpering because we had only played fetch for an hour – he’s 13 by the way.

So I stuck with it because according to people that have tried this, if they are able to once, JUST ONCE bring that monkey brain back to the present, hearing their breath and realizing that they are in the now, they win the meditation game. It’s not about keeping your brain empty, we are human and that’s just impossible! Instead, its about having the control to recognize when your brain is bouncing and bringing it back to feeling your body inhale, taking notice of where the breath goes. Is it your lungs that rise or maybe your tummy? Wherever that is, feel that breath enter filling the cavities of your body and as you exhale, pressing up with your diaphragm. In with the good shit, out with the bad shit.

Sure enough, six minutes into my trial run, for a VERY brief nano-second, I had a glimpse of what that is like. I’m sure it’s different for everyone but for me, I was lighter, quieter, and ever so slightly in control. It was powerful. And for just a moment, if you can bring yourself there, there is a peace and warmth that I just can’t put into words. I’ve meditated three times since then, loving every journey.

You don’t have to meditate for hours or every day, maybe try 10-minutes? Maybe just a day or two a week. I started with Tara Brach, because she literally wrote the book on how to meditate. She has a bunch of guided meditations. If you don’t make it the whole 10 minutes, so what?! Try it for YOU. This meditation is one of my favorites so far.

Why friend, why do we know this is good for us, but we just don’t try it?! This isn’t rhetorical so PLEASE EMAIL ME and tell me about your journey with meditation. Have you tried it? Wanted to try it? What stops you or what motivates you?

Love and sparkles,